~Katie~ (luvktstruck) wrote in bustedusa,

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If you belonged to the Busted ISquad...did anybody else get what happened to me??

My lj is friends only...so comment and I'll friend ya so u can see my latest lj entry! eeeee
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wait, what happened?
aww fugg I forgot my lj is friends only...I'll add u so u can see.

If anyone else wants to see...comment!!
what happened?
what happened?

add me?
I want to know what happened! Add me, please?
ahhh! what happened?!
added! lol
Please add me
added! <3 ur icon! lol
Oh add me!! Please! *puppy eyes you*
ooo added! lol
Ok, I'm extremely curious...
Ok then ur added! haha
same here. could I be added?
added!!+ ;)
I'm thinking it would have been easier if you just reposted it here, but you want to add me too? I'd like to know. =]
add me to pwease?
added :)
*joins trend*

oh! oh! what happened? add me? ^_^
added! look at my entry from a few days ago


12 years ago

a bit late, but I'm curios :)
added! look at the one about busted!
btw the entry u wanna see is on the 19th of feb!